Cover Marcio Maresia Viva Little Walter.

Márcio Maresia (Brasil)
"Viva Little Walter - Live At Sensorial Lab"
Blue Crawfish Recods - 2018



Musicians :

Marcio Maresia - harmonica, vocals
Lancaster Rockfeller - guitar
Netto Rockfeller - guitar

B     L     U     E     S          H     A     R     M     O     N     I     C     A          M     A     S     T      E     R

Tracklist :

1.One more chance with you 03:05
2.Nobody but you 03:16
3.It's too late brother 04:20
4.Blue and lonesome 08:00
5.I can't hold on much longer 03:50
6.You are so fine 03:58
7.Just your fool 04:00
8.Boom boom out goes the lights 03:23
9.Up the line 03:37
10.Mellow down easy 03:57
11.Tell me mama 05:06

from Brasil

The 2018 album, Viva Little Walter - Live At Sensorial Lab, is available for purchase and download on  i-Tunes and streaming on Spotify.