L A   M A P O C H O S S I P I

Musicians :

Vicente Espinoza - guitar
Pablo Mellado - bass
Ivan Quezada - drums
Luis Gostin - harmonica

LA Mapochossipi (Chile)
"Cumbia Blues"
Self Released - 2018


L  A  T  I  N     V  O  O  D  O  O  


Tracklist :

Alien Surfing 02:40
Bar De Blues 04:17
Exitoso Ciudadano 04:35
No Me Devuelvas Ia 03:47
No Me Pidas 02:57
Cumbia Blues 05:15
Yo No Trabajo 03:58
Sube A Mi Chevrolet 03:03
Tren De Las 16 04:15


The 2019 album, Cumbia Blues, is available for purchase and download on Amazon and CDbaby and streaming on Spotify.

"Cumbia Blues" is the first album of La Mapochossipi, blues band from Santiago, Chile, in which they propose an interesting vision of how from the southern hemisphere can play the blues with latin inspiration. Steeped in the sound of Chicago, these four musicians manage to mix a cumbia and Muddy Waters in the same song, and the result is surprising.

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