Janiva Magness (USA)
"Sings John Fogerty-Change In The Weather"
Blue Elan Records - 2019



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Janiva Magness - vocals
Zachary Ross - guitar, dobro, backing vocals
Gary Davenport - bass
Steve Wilson - drums
Dave Darling - guitar, background vocals
Arlan Oscar - keyboards
Rusty Young - guitar, dobro, vocals (Track 12)
Jesse Dayton - guitar, vocals (Track 12)
Aubrey Richmond - fiddle, vocals (Track 12)
Bernie Barlow - backing vocals


01 Change in the Weather 4:39
02 Lodi Janiva Magness & Sam Morrow 3:50
03 Someday Never Comes 4:02
04 Wrote a Song for Everyone 3:53
05 Don't You Wish It Was True & Taj Mahal 4:22
06 Have You Ever Seen the Rain 4:26
07 Bad Moon Rising 4:06
08 Blueboy 3:47
09 Fortunate Son 3:13
10 Deja Vu (All Over Again) 4:06
11 A Hundred and Ten in the Shade 4:38
12 Lookin’ Out My Back Door 2:39


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Janiva Magness, soul-blues music diva. Born in Detroit in 1957, and after overcoming long difficult circumstances of her life, based in Los Angeles in the mid-80s, she began in music with several bands until she recorded her first album by his own in 1991. From that date she has recorded fifteen more albums, has toured around the world and has become the singer with the most intense and sweeping voice of the last two decades. To date she has been nominated twenty-eight times and has won the BMA seven times, but Janiva Magness doesn't need this card, just by listening to the music you understand her greatness. In the hundreds of John Fogerty covers that I have heard in my life, this collection is one of the best without a doubt.

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