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Eric McFadden
"Eric McFadden does ACDC :

Acoustic Tribute"
Bad Reputation - 2018

E R I C  M c F A D D E N  :  A C O U S T I C  D I S C H A R G E

Eric Mcfadden, born in 1965, active for more than thirty years, and more than twenty albums published, has surprised to us with a "bonus" as unexpected as it is delirious. Twelve faithful acoustic guitar covers of his beloved ACDC, performed with a intense and perfect execution. Mcfadden is a guitarist of the first trench and he shows it once more this time with leather strings on his fingers.

Musicians :

Eric McFadden - guitars, vocals

Guests musicians:

Josh Zee
Morgan Rae
Mike Anderson
Mikel Ross -
Emily Palen
Jimmy Leslie
Pietro Straccia
Cody Molica
Travis Kasperbauer

Tracklist :

1- Hells Bells
2- Rock N Roll Damnation
3- Girls Got Rhythm
4- Have a Drink On Me
5- Beatin’ Around The Bush
6- You Shook Me All Night Long
7- Kicked In The Teeth
8- Sin City
9- Touch Too Much
10- Whole Lotta Rosie
11- It’s a Long Way To The Top
12- Ride On

The 2018 album, Does ACDC Acoustic Tribute, is available for purchase and download on Amazon, i-Tunes and streaming on Spotify.