Dead Mans Uke (UK)
"Do The Don't"
Self Released - 2019


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Tim Smithies - ukelele, vocals 
Jake Smithies - double bass, vocals


01 Do the Don't 4:45
02 They Caught Us Doing It 2:44
03 Can’t Get You off of My Mind 3:34
04 Polly 3:53
05 Let Me Play with Your Poodle 2:46
06 Short People 2:30
07 Please Don’t Take the Baby to the Liquor Store 2:51
08 Better Than 3:16
09 Way Down in the Hole 2:55
10 Move It on Over 2:34



Dead Mans Uke Let Loose (Live From The M

2018 (EP)

Dead Mans Uke Stomp + Chapel Sessions EP

2018 (EP)

Dead Mans Uke Moon Over Havana 2018.jpg

2018 (EP)

Dead Mans Uke Old Time Hokum Record EP 2

2019 (EP)

Dead Mans Uke Take Me Back Home EP 2019.


Father and son, Tim and Jake Smithies, Ukelele and Double bass, from Sheffield (UK) Dead Mans Uke are a blues band that revitalize the style of old folk blues songs updated with the exquisite simplicity of two splendid musicians. The two are part of the also attractive Anything Goes Orchestra, they have played for festivals throughout Europe, their proposal is original and efficient, and in the end you get the feeling of being in front of an album and musicians as scarce as good. An album that you don't get tired of listening to.

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