Cover Bloodest Saxophone Texas Queens 5.

Bloodest Saxophone (Japan)
"Texas Queen 5"
Vizztone Label/Dialtone




From Japan to Texas. Six veteran blues and soul musicians from Tokyo, travel with their retro sound to Austin through the voice of five young blues ladies. The result of this project is exquisite and worthy to be heard and share the trip with them.

Musicians :

Koda “Young Corn” Shintaro - tenor sax
Coh “Colonel Sanders” - trombone
Osikawa Yukimasa - bariton sax
Shuji “Apple Juice” - guitar
The Takeo “Little Toyko” - upright bass
Kiminori “Dog Boy”  - drums, percussion
Nick Connolly - keyboards
Kaz Kazanoff - sax
Johnny Moeller - guitar
Diunna Greenleaf - lead vocals
Lauren Cervantes - lead vocals, background vocals
Angela Miller - lead vocals, background vocal
Jai Malano - lead vocals
Crystal Thomas - lead vocals

Tracklist :

01 - I've Got a Feeling (feat. Diunna Greenleaf)
02 - I Just Want To Make Love To You
03 - Losing Battle (feat. Crystal Thomas)
04 - Walking The Dog (feat. Jai Malano)
05 - Pork Chop Chick
06 - Run  Joe (feat. Lauren Cervantes)
07 - It's Your Voodoo Working (feat. Jai Malano
08 - Don't Move Me (feat. Crystal Thomas
09 - Don't Hit Me No More (feat. Angela Milller)
10 - I Done Done It (feat. Jai Malano)
11 - The Grape Vine (feat. Lauren Cervantes)
12 - Cockroach Run

Cover Bloodest Saxophone Texas Queens 5

The 2019 album, Texas Queens 5, is available for purchase and download on Amazon and  i-Tunes 


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