Blind Blake (USA)
"Early Morning Blues

(Essential Recordings 1926-1932)"
Soul Jam Records 806172
2019 Remastered

Blind Blake

B l e s s e d  R a g t i m e    G u i t a r    :    H i s t o r i c    P a r a m o u n t    R e c o r d i n g s 


1. Rope Stretchin' Blues (3:03)
2. Hard Pushin' Papa (2:37)
3. Diddle Wa Diddie (2:59)
4. Black Dog Blues (2:50)
5. One Time Blues (2:39)
6. Too Tight Blues (2:56)
7. Low Down Lovin' Gal (3:12)
8. Georgia Bound (3:23)
9. Hastings Street (3:14)
10. Third Degree Blues (3:22)

11. Early Morning Blues (3:03)
12. Come On Boys Let's Do That Messin' Around (2:46)
13. Skeedle Loo Doo Blues (3:04)
14. Lonesome Christmas Blues (3:40)
15. I Was Afraid Of That (3:17)
16. Dry Bone Shuffle (2:41)
17. You Gonna Quit Me Blues (2:46)
18. He's In The Jailhouse Now (2:47)
19. Blake's Worried Blues (3:06)
20. West Coast Blues (3:12)

21. Sea Board Stomp (3:05)
22. Wabash Rag (2:54)
23. Southern Rag (2:53)
24. Rumblin' And Ramblin' Boa Constrictor Blues (2:51)
25. Champagne Charlie Is My Name (2:30)
26. Depression's Gone From Me Blues (3:31)


Arthur "Blind" Blake born seems to be in Virginia in 1896 and died in 1934, the pioneer of the pre-Piedmont style, was along the twenties a leading guitarist in the progression of fingerpicking in the country blues as well as one of the great early heroes of blues In the south. In a short career, he made between 1926 and 1932 almost a hundred recordings for Paramount Records, which have been published in dozens of compilations, including this remastering of 2019 with 26 songs under the title of "Early Morning Blues: Essential Recordings 1926 -1932 contains a good number of his songs more representative and with an outstanding remastered sound. An unquestionable legacy.