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Billy Price (USA)
"Dog Eat Dog"
Gulf Coast Records - 2019

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Billy Price - vocals
Kid Andersen - guitar
Alex Pettersen - drums
Jerry Jemmott - bass
Jim Pugh - keyboards
Eric Spaulding - tenor sax
Jack Sanford - baritone sax
John Halbleib - trumpet
Jon Otis - congas
Vicki Randle, Lisa Leuschner Andersen, Charlie Owen, The Sons of the Soul Revivers - background vocals
Rick Estrin - harmonica (Track 4)
Alabama Mike - vocal (Track 4)
Mike Zito - guitar (Track 6)


01 Working on Your Chain Gang 4:46
02 Lose My Number 5:10
03 We're in Love 3:39
04 Dog Eat Dog 5:36
05 My Love Will Never Die 5:17
06 All Night Long Café 4:59
07 Walk Back In 4:56
08 Toxicity 5:29
09 Remnants 4:38
10 Same Old Heartaches 4:48
11 More Than I Needed 4:09
12 You Gotta Leave 5:00

Born William Pollak in New Jersey in 1949 and based in Pitsburgh, Billy Price has one of the most brilliant careers as a performer and songwriter of the last thirty years. The soul music and the blues are in his musical DNA, from their first title in 1979 until today sixteen albums have certified a unique and essential personality. In the mid 70s, he spent a couple of years recording and performing with the seminal Roy Buchanan and that left a mark on his music present throughout his career. "Dog Eat Dog" is another masterpiece of the autor.

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