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Beatriz Zaragoza
"Queens of Blues"
Self Released - 2019


01 Alley Boogie 2:38
02 I Ain't in the Mood 2:42
03 How Come 2:35
04 Hole in the Wall 3:12
05 Everytimes I Think of You 2:59
06 Stop a Hopping on Me 2:39
07 Blues Ain't Nothing 4:49
08 Lawdy, Lawdy Blues 5:48
09 Don't You Where No Black 2:49
10 Jump and Shout 2:23
11 Good Man 2:28
12 Women Be Wise 4:06


Beatriz Zaragoza - vocals
Cope Gutiérrez - piano
Pablo Sanpa - guitar
Sergio Fernández - bass
Javier Fernandez
Gustavo Merlo - drums
Cheryl Walters - trombone
Diego Aragón Jiménez - trumpet
Juan Tamayo - sax
Ignacio Sánchez - sax

Beatriz Zaragoza

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a long way ahead




From Madrid (Spain) this young woman educated in classical music, a teacher in a music school and blues singer since 2016, has recorded her first album and it's a genuine work, with an excellent production in which the voice of Beatriz Zaragoza puts the climax to an exceptional band of instrumentalists. From the horn section, the challenges between the guitar and keyboards and a thrilling rhythm section, "Queens Of Blues" could be the best blues album published in Spain for a long time. This tribute to the all times great female blues singers, from Memphis Minnie to Big Mama Thornton, does justice to a great singer who with this album puts a first luxury brick to a career that I presume interesting. (This album was recorded in March 2018 and a first edition was released later that year)