Cover The Alexis P Suter Band Be

Alexis P. Suter Band

Alexis P. Suter Band (USA)
"Be Love"
Hipbone Records - 2019


Alexis P. Suter - vocals
Vicki Bell - vocals
Ray Grappone - drums, percussion, background vocals
Michael Louis - Guitars, bass, background vocals

Additional Musicians:

Brandon Morrison - bass, background vocals
Will Bryant - keyboards, background vocals
Lee Falco - percussion, background vocals,
Daniel A Weiss - piano (Track 12)
Steve Jankowski - trumpet, trombone
Doug DeHays - Sax

Cover The Alexis P Suter Band Be
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deep and endearing


Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1963, Alexis P. Suter started in music early in the nineties as a gospel roots singer and inspired by the great female names of the genre and her voice has been the hallmark in her music from then. She has managed to surround herself by musicians involved until the last note and has built a proposal in which soul music, blues, funk and rock are combined in a perfect fit of fresh sensations. "Be Love" is the tenth album by the lady and still without relaxing.



01 - Empty Promises 4:54
02 - Lips, Hips and Fingertips 4:22
03 - Little Back Rider 2:53
04 - I Don't See You Anymore 4:01
05 - Sway 3:24
06 - Dog Eat Dog World 4:33
07 - Be Love 4:15
08 - You Make It so Hard 5:17
09 - Hit or Miss 4:32
10 - Sick and Tired Blues 4:23
11 - Go 4:26
12 - (I Just Got off the) Devil's Train 1:13