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Cover Dr Goodvive - Life Love Everything


"Life Love Everything"

Self Released - 2021


Edu   Dixon-Valk - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Christian   Marsh - harmonica
Craig   Morrison - congas, bongos, timbales
Simon   Townsend - cahon, hand percussion, congas
Luke  A  Gallen - sax
Craig   Ryan - drums
Sylvie   Gallen - vocals
Mercedes   Scamacia - vocals

Release   date:   January 26, 2021


01 Funky Good Time 05:13
02 Life, Love, Everything 03:32
03 Monkey Puzzle 04:43
04 Tonight 04:16
05 Slip away 03:58
06 What Does It Mean 04:36
07 Low Rider 03:53
08 Over My Head 04:04
09 Lost For Words 05:19
10 Plastic Rap 03:12
11 What You Gonna Do About It 03:58
12 Slowdown World 03:37
13 The Angels 03:45
14 On The Phone 02:49

Dr. Goodvive - Life Love Everything
00:00 / 56:31
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From Australia, Dr Goodvibe are the poly-instrumentalist, composer and singer Edu Dixon-Valk and the harmonica virtuoso Christian Marsh. They both form a special musical duo. Their suitcases have been spent years traveling through places that are not on maps, from Sydney to North America to South America to back to the down under, small clubs and theaters in the alleys. The music is austere and glorious, it's blues strolling with folk, sweating with jazz and letting yourself wiggle with funk, reggae or some latin rhythms and the lyrics, as ironic as they are incisive, swing between persuasive guitars and irreverent harmonicas. In this fourth album, they are backed by good percussions and the inclusion of a saxophone that wanders along the fourteen songs that make up the album, all of this creating a sound explosion that leaves a great taste in the mouth. It's a good album for lost evenings.


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