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01.Blues Paranoia 02:59    
02.Daisies Are Red 04:07    
03.Fast Coyote Blues 05:26    
04.Slow Dog Blues with the Humans 03:43    
05.Paolo & Jesse 04:55    
06.Hypnagogic Slow Dog Blues 05:29    
07.Slow Dog Blues in California 05:20    
08.The Lost Art of Growing a Spine and Being Attractive 02:43
09.Slow Dog Blues in the Desert 02:28    
10.Cat on the Move 03:59    
11.Mama Don't Allow 01:37    
12.Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues Are 02:26    
13.Alexander's Ragtime Band 03:01    
14.The Spotlight Kid 02:31    
15.Elder Greene Blues 03:27    
16.Jumpin' Judy 05:12    
17.Mistreatin' Mama Blues 03:01    
18.Minglewood Blues 02:47    
19.Rolled and Tumbled 03:56    
20.Lake Michigan Blues 02:44    
21. Mardi Gras in New Orleans 02:31

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Doctor Delta (Italy)
"Slow Dog Blues"
Slow Dog Records - 2020


Giorgio Casadei - guitars
Alice Miali - vocals, banjo, guitars, percussion
Paolo Angeli - guitar (Tracks 5,6)
Dencs Daniel Csaba - percussion (Tracks 3,6,7,8,9)
Alberto Danielli - tuba (Track 8)
Alessandro Lamborghini - steel guitar (Tracks 5,6,9)
Simone Pederzoli - trombone (Track 3)
Vincenzo Basi - vocals, theremin (Track 3)
Francesco Zaccanti - double bass (Track 5)
Benedetta Copeta - vocals (Track 16)
Dencs Daniel Csaba - percussion (Tracks 14,20,21)
Simone Pederzoli - trombone (Track 20)
Vincenzo Basi - vocals (Track 16)
Francesco Zaccanti - double bass (Track 21)

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Discipline, research, ingenuity and, why not, a small dose of madness, are enclosed in this portentous and dared album. Behind this Italian project called Doctor Delta, are the couple formed by guitarist Giorgio Casadei and also guitarist and singer Alice Miali, who without prejudice wonder if it's possible to play blues in the 21st century. I don't think they need to answer the question with this double album "Slow Dog Blues", but the twenty-one songs that format it can give the listener some clues about it. From claiming to the Delta Blues pioneers - Charlie Patton or Leadbelly - to their own update on their legacy, they make the album a little gem. The careful work in the studio is reflected in each song and it's a real pleasure to listen to each one of his proposals perfectly conceived as interpreted. Modern blues with nothing else.