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did alanson

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o n e   m a n   b a n d 

"danser sous le vent"

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Did Alanson 

"danser sous le vent"

self released - 2022

release date : june 25, 2022


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Did Alanson  - one man band

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01 Bluesness Man 03:58
02 Du feeling à donner 02:42
03 Cap Coeur 03:56
04 Danser sous le vent 04:25
05 Pour commenser la journee 04:49
06 Pas plus con 04:07
07 Sans foi ni loi 04:29
08 Le Temps 04:25
09 Un loup blessé 04:36
10 The Love is Free 03:21
11 Paris Bangkok 03:37
12 Que devient le monde 05:17
13 Un monde meilleur 04:24
14 Mathilda 04:03

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Did Alanson Band

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Did Alanson Solo

From France, Did Alanson opens a parenthesis in his band, Did Alanson Band, a blues combo active since early 2000's with three released albums, to record his fourth solo album. This time he has dispensed with any backup musician and has become a one man band to record this "Danser Sous Le Vent", a generous collection of fourteen original songs with electric and acoustic guitars, harmonicas and ingenious percussions. Alanson sings in the French language without any pretense but with a purity and empathy that endow each interpretation with a convincing solidity. Did Alanson began to approach music as a child, the cultural formation of his family led him to learn to play several horn instruments as well as the guitar, until, after some years retreat to dedicate himself to the family, he discovered the harmonica and the blues recovering the stages and decided to carry forward his passion for music. His journey has been fluctuating between his band, his solo career and his contribution to other artists in the studio or live performances. This album is above all a compendium of wonderful songs.

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previously released albums

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D A N S E R   L E   B L U E S

Did Alansen was born in 1958 in Franche-conté, a region located in the east of France.

Saxophonist, trombonist and guitarist, in the late eighties he learns to play the harmonica fascinated by Little Walter and Sonny Terry.

In 2015 he released his first solo album "Bluesness Man" backed by the French band Loco'Motivés.

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