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blues in the ice ghetto


Cover - Charlotta Curves & Helge Tallqvi



Q-Records  QCD-1014 - 2021

Release date: Febuary 26, 2021


Charlotta Curves - vocals
Helge Tallqvist - harmonica
Jonne Kulluvaara - guitar
Tomi Leino - guitar, bass
Harri Taittonen - keyboards
Lars Näsman - upright bass (Tracks 4,6)
Jim Korpi - drums


1. You Better Believe Me 03:30
2. On My Way 03:05
3. Packing Up 03:17
4. Dealbreaker 03:16
5. One Day 03:10
6. Homeground 04:43
7. Voodoo Woman 03:38
8. Cut Me Down 03:27
9. I Have To Go 03:21
10. Mercy 03:49

Charlotta Curves 2.jpg
Charlotta Curves 5.jpg

P  R  E  V   I  O  U  S     R  E  L  E  A  S  E  S

Charlotta Curves 2020 Erik Sjøholm & Cha

Charlotta Curves &  Erik Sjøholm
"The Second Wave (Is Coming)"
Single - 2020

Charlotta Curves 2020 Charlotta Curves &

Charlotta Curves & Erik Sjøholm 
"Backpack Blues"
Single - 2020 

Charlotta Curves 2020 & The Riddiments S

Charlotta Curves  & The Riddiments 
Single - 2020

Charlotta Curves 2021 & The Riddiments S

Charlotta Curves 2021 & The Riddiments
Single - 2020 

Charlotta Curves 2020 EP Stardust.jpg

Charlotta Curves
EP - 2021

Charlotta Curves 6.jpg

Young lady born in Lepplax (Finland) and based in Helsinki, Charlotta Curves is a singer prodigy. As a soloist or with bands like The Napkins, The Riddiments or with the Finnish blues legend, the harp player Helge Tallqvist, with whom she has recorded this album, Charlotta doesn't mind showing her musical background when she sings, from folk to soul,  surrendering to jazz, regaae or as in this case, to blues music. Backed by the Tallqvist Blues Band, "Voodoo Woman" is an album of nine own songs plus the original by Koko Taylor, ten songs of pure Chicago Blues colored by the sieve of a voice as delicate as intense, that proposes a comforting journey full of nuances and good vivrations. This is an album well done and better played.


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