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charles tiner


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Release date: February 14, 2021


Charles Tiner - keyboards,string arrangements, vocals
Conrad Lee - guitar, bass, backing vocals (All except Track 2) 
Deon Doss - drums (Tracks 1,3,5,6,7,8,9)
Frank Parker - trumpet (Track 1,10)
Art Carey Sr. - drums (Track 2)
Gary Davis - bass (Track 2)
David Lumsden - guitar (Track 2)
David Alexander - sax (Tracks 2,10)
Josie Lowder - guitar (Track 5)
William "Chilly" Bryant - bass (Tracks 6,10)
Karisa Sanders - backing vocals (Tracks 6,9)
Robert H. Sampson III - harmonica, backing vocals (Track 8)
Erza Casey - keyboards (Track 10)
James Armstrong - guitar (Track 10)
Lucas "Luke" Turosky - guitar (Track 10)


01. Sugar Pie 04:22
02. Nothin To Lose 03:04
03. Don’t Write A Check You Can’t Cash 02:53
04. Dat Soul Food 04:29
05. Got My Damn Groove Back 03:46
06. No Good Byes 04:40
07. Son Of A Preacher 05:33
08. Keep It Movin 02:31
09. Choo Choo 04:57
10. Bluesalaya 05:39

Charles Tiner - N'Treble
00:00 / 41:59

Listening to this album you will discover an exceptional singer and a musician dedicated to his faith. Church organist, Charles Tiner, born in Chicago (IL), puts his soul in each song, invites you to participate in the joy of life and in the disappointment that too many times brings, soul music and love of blues, gospel music that carries in his heart by family tradition, son of a preacher. This first album concentrates all this background in each song, puts his life in each performance, raises his faith in each phrase and puts forward the magic that through his music transports us to reflection and separates us from the complacency. "N'Treble" is a long journey album, it glides through soul, blues, gospel music but also surfs calm rock waves, stops at some hypnotic rap phrasing and he does not turn his face to funk with some seducers beats. All this surrounded by a band of fast-paced musicians who are perfectly knowledgeable about what they have in hands that round off Tiner's work perfectly. I would not miss the occasion of listening to this album and this musician with capital letters. 

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