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desire is to create music



c bone

another planet music
apm-015 - 2023
release date :
july 26, 2023


debut album !!

another planet msuic 2.png

Chris "C-Bone" Hogg - guitar, vocals
Vince Lee - rhythm guitar
Jimi Galvin - bass
Dr Funk - bass
Vince Lee - double bass
Pete Nicholls - drums
Sebastian Boleslawski - drums 
Harmonica- John Smith - harmonica
Nichola Rey - backing vocals
Summer Bright - sax
Dan Hillman - sax 

01 North Sea Breeze 02:35
02 Since She Was 22 02:16
03 I ve Got to Know 04:27
04 Comin On Through 04:19
05 Three Sweet Kisses 03:21
06 The Stealer 02:39
07 I'm Going 03:07
08 Rockin Chair 02:06
09 Keep On Rockin 04:00
10 Loaded Gun 05:28  
11 Come Hell Or High Water 03:16
12 I Was Young 04:58

Listen to samples
00:00 / 09:00
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c bone as 

the big sets

c bone the big sets EP.jpg
c bone the big sets.jpg
c bone the big sets logo.png

2016 (EP)

the big sets are :
john smits
- vocals,harmonica, sax
chris hogg
- guitar, vocals
jake landers
- guitar
jonny rubin
- bass
pete nichols - drums
bomber harris
- keyboards
nigel pufg
- sax



The Big Sets - Sex Wax EP (CD, 2016)
00:00 / 15:44
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c bone 10.png
c bone 10_edited.jpg
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c bone 9_edited_edited.jpg
c bone 9_edited_edited.jpg
c bone 9_edited_edited_edited.jpg
c bone 9_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Originally from Sunderland (UK) and established in Cornwall, in the southwest of England, the guitarist, singer and songwriter Chris "C Bone" Hogg is known for being the guitarist of the band The Big Sets, a combo of the fiercest blues, funk and rock'n'roll that has been known in the last decade in the UK. A solid musician and competent guitarist, C Bone is a true stylist of the twelve strings and along with his skills as a songwriter, he has built a first solo album to be reckoned with in the preferences of blues aficionados with elegance that breaks unexpectedly into robust funk and rock riffs that crush the most deluded off guard. maybe he does not discover untrodden paths but the efficiency and effectiveness of his ambition and lucidity make this album a necessary stop to listen to it.

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