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In 1959 Prestige Records set out to create Bluesville Records a sub-label with the aim of preserving the blues genre, recording and giving notoriety to living artists with a fundamental trajectory in the history of this music and who probably had not been sufficiently valued by a large part of the audience. During the six years of his trajectory - Bluesville left album production in 1966 - the label released 8 singles and 87 albums covering 60 different artists. At the end of the eighties and along the nineties, a series of compilations by the label were released which included a selection of artists and songs representative of the entire catalogue.


lightnin' hopkins.jpg

Texan bluesman Lightnin' Hopkins (1912-1982) was the most prolific blues artist in the Bluesville Records catalog with twelve albums released, including a 7-cd box-set compilation released in 1991 with all the complete recordings for the label.

Lightnin' Hopkins - Back To New Orleans

"Lightnin' Hopkins - The Complete Prestige/Bluesville Recordings"
Recordings between 1960 and 1964, including 13 tracks from a previously unreleased 1963 Swarthmore College concert