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David Rotundo - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Milky Burgess - guitar(Tracks 1-9,11)
Skylar Mehal - guitar(Track 5)
Desmond Brown - guitar (Track 2)
Ron Weinstein - organ (Tracks 1-3,5-10)
Ron Weinstein - piano (Track 1)
Ed Weber - piano (Tracks 7,10)
Andrew Cloutier - drums (Tracks 1-9,11)
Dean Schmidt - bass (Tracks 1-11)
Darian Asplund - sax (Tracks 1,5,7-10)
Phillip Peterson - cello  (Tracks 3,11)
Joseph Ravi Albright - tabla (Track 11)
Denali Williams - Percussion (4,5,9,11)
Thor Dietrichson -  congas(Tracks 3,11)
Ernesto Pediangco - congas (Track 11)
Background vocals
David Rotundo, Lee Oskar (Tracks 5,6,9)
Erik Yager, Chris Weortink, Nick Foster, Timothy Hill, Julia Vega, Brian Madsen, Ginger Woo (Tracks 9,11)
Andrew Cloutier (Track 11)

Cover David Rotundo Band - So Much Troub

David Rotundo (Canada)
"So Much Trouble"
Dreams We Share Productions - 2020

Release date: August 10, 2020


01 She's Dynamite 02:57
02 I Must Be Crazy 04:47
03 Funky Side Of Town 04:12
04 Hard Times Coming 04:48
05 So Much Trouble -06:06
06 Too Blue 03:56
07 Drinking Overtime 03:29
08 That Thing Called Love 06:45
09 Trying To Find It 04:58
10 Foolish Love 04:32
11 Long Road 05:36
12 Trouble In Mind 04:26

Produced by Lee Oskar

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David Rotundo - So Much Trouble
00:00 / 49:50
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P    R    E    V    I    O    U    S       R    E    L    E    A    S    E    S 

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A bag full of harmonicas, a road started with the turn of the century and a shared route between learning and the emergence of a ravishing musician, Toronto Canadian David Rotundo. As a harmonica player he's impeccable, leaving track for the listener's free flight, and as a composer he allows us to discover the man and his background, planning how to improve the last note or the last verse. This is a wonderful album of blues music by an ensemble at its peak showing how modern this music can sound of which the origin has already been lost.


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