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Watermelon Slim
"Traveling Man"

Northern Blues NBM-0066 - 2020

Watermelon Slim - guitar, harmonica, vocals

Recorded Live At The Blue Door, Oklahoma City,OK, USA
September 24, 2016
01 Blue Freightliner 5:06
02 Truck Driving Songs 4:00
03 Northern Blues 5:03
04 The Last Blues 6:24
05 Scalemaster Blues 4:28
06 300 Miles 5:29
07 Jimmy Bell 3:49
08 Highway Blues 8:21
09 Smokestack Lightning 11:03
10 Frisco Line 5:08
11 Holler #4 6:24
12 Let It Be In Memphis 4;06
Recorded Live 02.28.2016 At The Depot, Norman, OK
13 Into The Sunset 3:16
14 John Henry 5:50
15 Archetypal Blues 4:44
16 Oklahoma Blues 3:46
17 Devil's Cadillac 5:16
18 Dark Genius 6:00

W  A  T  E  R  M  E  L  O  N        S  L  I  M        C  O  M  P  L  E  T  E         D  I  S  C  O  G  R A  P  H  Y

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Bostonian Bill Homans, also known as Watermelon Slim, has been a hard worker. His entire life dedicated to playing, singing and loving the blues all over the world, now at 71, he gives us an authentic treasure in this double CD that collects in his most personal intimacy on stage - only accompanied by his guitar - his infinite narrations as real and autobiographical as his life itself. Nothing but their stories and the blues. Immeasurable.


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