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Vintage Gramola

Welcome To The Vintage Sound

Núria Almazan - vocals
Cesc Miró -trumpet
Javier Vaquero - guitar
Pep Rius - bass

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Cover Vintage Gramola - Welcome to the V

Vintage Gramola (Spain)
"Welcome to the Vintage Sound"
Ambit Records - 2020

01 Layla 4:14
02 Smooth Criminal 3:58
03 These Boots Are Made for Walkin' 3:13
04 Miss Cellie's Blues 4:10
05 Ticket to Ride 4:43
06 Caravan 3:45
07 Hotel California 5:35
08 María 3:35
09 Seven Nation Army 4:07
10 Crazy in Love 2:45
11 Proud Mary 3:00
12 Tico Tico 2:48


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Vintage Gramola are a quartet from the city of Gavà (Spain), all of them experienced musicians with enough background to release an album like this one. The idea is to wrap under a sound they call vintage, going back to the purity of recordings of the first decades of the last century, to revisit classics that cover styles from jazz, pop music or rock'n ' roll. The album is a delight, the female vocalist attacks Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, John Fogerty, The Eagles or The Beatles seamlessly to follow with Quincy Jones, Duke Ellington or Beyoncé, wrapped by impeccables guitar, bass and trumpet, that revisit the classics in an elegant and innovative way. A work that deserves to be enjoyed for the originality of the proposal and the quality of the musicians envolved.