Vienna Carroll & The Folk

Folk 2 Funk

Vienna Carroll & The Folk
“Harlem Field Recordings”
Self released - 2020

Cover Vienna Carroll - Harlem Field Reco

Vienna Carroll -vocals

Michael O'Brian - bass
Stanley Banks - bass
Keith Johnston - guitar
Newman Taylor Baker - washboard

Nioka Workman - cello

Melanie Dyer - violin

Henrique Prince - violin

01. Strawberries And Glory
02. You Better Mind
03. Come On In My Kitchen
04. No Mo Freedom
05. Dangerous Blues & Do Berta
06. Let’s Go Down To The River To Pray
07. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
08. All The Pretty Little Horses
09. Make The Devil Leave Me Alone
10. Grinnin’ In Yo Face
11. Singin’ Wid A Sword In Ma Han

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Vienna Carroll is a popular artist. African American music culture researcher, actress and playwright, social activist and singer. Jazz, blues music, church gospel songs and negro spirituals, work and prison songs, all that knowledge and experience put on a first album along their musicians called The Folk. The result is a major work for any listener interested in finding a music with more content than package, we aren't in front an album designed to please and move your feet, but only old oral traditions and forgotten songs, all relegated on the same corner as their protagonists. Hopefully the work as a musician of Vienna Carroll can have continuity.

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