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A chat with Vanessa Collier

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B21 - First of all, how has been the confinement at home?

VC - You know, it really was a nice change to be at home for awhile. I have been going strong for the past few years and I barely took any time off between the 150+ shows in 2019 and recording an album in early January, hitting the road again in 2020 only a week later. So, it was wonderful to stay home and wake up in the same place to see how the sun shone differently through my window every morning. It was also very difficult at first, as I unfortunately had to lay my almost fourteen year old German Shepherd to rest three days after I returned home. But, I would have otherwise probably been on the road when she passed, so I’m thankful that I could be with her. I’m also thankful I was working on finishing up my new album, “Heart On The Line”, during those first few weeks after losing her because it helped me to heal to do what I love - playing saxophones, singing, arranging, and producing. Since then, I’ve also gotten to do some things I’ve been curious about for so long - I reached out to a local organic farm and I have been volunteering a few days a week there for six months or so; I’ve gone on a lot of hikes and started a yoga practice four days a week; I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen attempting new dishes and cooking all the veggies from the farm; and I’ve played a lot more piano too!

This interview took place on October 16, 2020

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