& his amazing 41th studio album

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Cover Van Morrison Three Chords And the

Van Morrison
"Three Chords And The Truth"
Caroline International - 2019



Van Morrison - acoustic & electric guitar, electric piano, vocals
John Allair,  Richard Dunn  - hammond B3
Jay Berliner  - acoustic guitar
Jeremy Brown,  David Hayes,  Pete Hurley - bass
Colin Griffin,  Bobby Ruggiero - drums
Dave Keary -electric guitar
Teena Lyle - piano, vibraphone, percussion
Stuart McIlroy - piano
Bill Medley, Spoken Word - vocals
Paul Moran  - organ

Selected Songs

- 7 Tracks -


01 March Winds in February 4:37
02 Fame Will Eat the Soul 4:51
03 Dark Night of the Soul 5:56
04 In Search of Grace 3:41

05 Nobody in Charge 4:12
06 You Don’t Understand 6:17

07 Read Between the Lines 3:41
08 Does Love Conquer All? 4:42

09 Early Days 3:40
10 If We Wait for Mountains 2:42

11 Up on Broadway 6:23
12 Three Chords and the Truth 5:00
13 Bags Under My Eyes 4:05

14 Days Gone By 7:43

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Back to St. Dominic's Preview and Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison has just released "Three Chords And the Thruth," his most introverted album in years. The songs have the taste of the most genuine rhytm'n'blues in Morrison, recovering a way of composing that he had abandoned for a long time. Melodies that take us back to Van's most personal songs, Sonny Boy Williamson and the so pure and natural blues of the Belfast roar. It's difficult to listen to Morrison's album number forty-one and find in it something more than exquisite songs and effective melodies, but in this case we should located it in the same place as his most emblematic works. It's an anthological álbum.