TICKET WEST feat HARP MITCH   (The Netherlands)     -    "HIGH CLASS HORSE"    -    SELF RELEASED   2020


Pascal Wilhelm - guitar
Walter Wilhelm - bass, vocals
Enzio Rossa - drums
Michel "Harp Mitch" Zwiers - harmonica, vocals
Klaas Vermeulen - harmónica
Nathan James - lead guitar (Track 1)

Cover Ticket West - High Class Horse.jpg


01 Backdoor Santa (2:28)
02 I'm Trying (2:33)
03 High Class Horse (2:11)
04 Cubano Jump (1:56)
05 Reason Why I Drink (3:27)
06 It's Obdacious (2:22)
07 Too Many Cooks (2:46)
08 Call Me (2:48)
09 Another Man Done Gone (3:31)

New band from Holland, formed by the brothers Pascal (guitar) and Walter (bass) Wilhelm who, together with the drummer Enzio Rossa, formed in 2017 Ticket West as a backband of the harmonica player Gerrit Ekkelenkamp, ​​who soon after left for Portugal to found Silver Coast Blues together with guitarist Thierry Cardoso. The boys found in Michel "Harp Mitch" Zwiers the perfect substitute for harmonica and hit the road without doubting their effectiveness as a blues-band. His style is quickly recognized from the first chords, west-coast jumpin 'blues, devilish rhythms without horns or keyboards support, direct rockin' blues for jump and dancing. Excellent musicians, they know perfectly how to collect the lessons of Junior Watson and James Harman, the solidity of the T-Birds as well as the heritage of T-Bone Walker and George Smith without neglecting their particular way of reinterpreting a blues style that It has always been present in the evolution of the genre throughout history. This is their first album, and it's a short but hight class flying.