Thornjorn Ridager & The Black Tornado -

Thorbjørn Risager

& The Black Tornado (Denmark)
"Come On In"
RUF Records - 2020


Thorbjørn Risager – guitar, vocals
Joachim Svensmark – guitar, backing vocals
Emil Balsgaard – keyboards
Søren Bøjgaard – bass
Martin Seidelin – drums, backing vocals
Kasper Wagner – sax
Hans Nybo – sax, backing vocals
Peter Kehl – trumpet, backing vocals

Thorbjørn Risager

& the black tornado


selected songs

- 5 Tracks -


01 Come On In 4:09
02 Last Train 3:25
03 Nobody But The Moon 4:18
04 Two Lovers 5:13
05 Never Givin’ In 4:53
06 Sin City 4:03
07 Over The Hill 3:41
08 On And On 5:18
09 Love So Fine 3:50
10 I’ll Be Gone 3:10


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F  U  L  L     A  L  B  U  M     C  O  L   L   E  C  T  I  O  N  


Denmark also has the blues. RUF's artist Thorbjorn Risager, born in 1971, formed his first band in 2003 and shortly after, The Black Tornado, his current band was born. Throughout these fifteen years so far, Thorbjorn has published eleven albums and has performed thousands of performances across the continent, especially in northern Europe, reaching good levels of popularity through the concept that applies to his music, blues and songs full of sobriety, punctual electric guitars to the appointment, personal and introverted lyrics and tremendously good and effective musicians. "Come On In" is his most mature work, each note has the right place and it's an album that must be heard at once, it's not a conceptual album but the ten songs that make it up respond to the willingness of Risager to perform a complete and indivisible work. "On And On" is one of the most beautiful and well built songs I've been able to hear for a long time. Ruf Records is still right on its way to produce excellent musicians and make albums as good as this one. My congratulations to the whole family for starting with such succes this new decade.

F  U  L  L     A  L  B  U  M     C  O  L   L   E  C  T  I  O  N  


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