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the lucky losers


Release date: August 14, 2020


Cathy Lemons - vocals
Phil Berkowitz - vocals, harmonica
Ian Lamson - guitar 
Chris Burns - keyboards 
Endre Tarczy - bass
Derrick “D’Mar” Martin - drums 
Michael Peloquin - sax
Mike Rose - trumpet
Kid Andersen - guitar, sitar, organ, piano, synth, mellotron, percussion

Cover The Lucky Losers - Godless

The Lucky Losers
"Godless Land"
Vizztone Label CD-VT-LL-01


01 What Makes You Act Like That 3:29
02 Can't Keep Pretending 5:10
03 Leave You on the Side of the Road 6:34
04 The Good Fight 4:52
05 My One Good Eye 6:07
06 Mad Love Is Good Love 4:03
07 Godless Land 6:57
08 Be You 4:48
09 Catch Desire by the Tail 4:49
10 Half a Nothing 4:09
11 The Ragged Heart 4:47
12 No Good Lover 3:44


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Their shoes are full of the dust stored in the American music paths. Their songbook is written from knowledge, experience and feeling. Their notes can store country music episodes, can lose the mind in the soul latitudes and can jump with the blues from anywhere. Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkovitz are two established Bay Area entertainers with a background as a singer and harmonica player that clears any doubts about who we are talking about. All their experience has been put in their association as a duo since their first meeting in 2013, always having close to the talented multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer Kid Andersen. Their first album was released in 2014, being the first step of a successful career, with recognition throughout the US circuit and winning numerous nation-wide awards. This "Godless Land" is the duo's fourth album, produced by Andersen directing an excellent band of musicians and the Lemons / Berkovitz team in a state of spectacular inspiration. Americana's land.


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