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The Fabis (Paraguay)
"Amor Locura Fiesta"
Self Released - 2020

Fabian Vicensini - guitar, vocals
Alexis Alcatraz - guitar, vocals
Ariel Da Re - drums
Aaron Zorrilla - bass
Jose Gallardo - sax
+ guests
Marcelo Ortigoza - sax, trumpet
Edu White - harmonica
Nadia Alcaraz - background vocals
Vale Alcaraz - background vocals


01 Hotel Guaraní 03:36
02 El Gil 02:22
03 Blues del Motel 03:11
04 Yumabeibe 03:20
05 5 AM 04:10
06 20 KM 05:29
07 Blues Fanki 03:16
08 Blues de la Luna Llena 03:30

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Paraguay is a South American country with a rich and extensive musical culture, rooted in the folklore tradition that dates back to the arrival of the first Spanish colonizers. The "ballenato" or the "milonga" are part of the country's popular culture, but haven't been  the influences of "black music" from other latitudes such as soul, jazz, funk and blues, which have been assimilated better in other countries of his environment such as Argentina or Brazil, where they have had better rooted and popular empathy. Now from Paraguay, Los Fabis claim their place, with music that drinks not only from blues and soul, but also from funk and disco music from the 70s, all in the hands of these young musicians who since the middle of the last decade have proclaimed their love for the black sounds that have fueled their particular musical ego, and they don't hesitate to offer it to the world without complexes. "Amor Locura Fiesta" is their first album, a modest proposal, but one that places them on a starting line that, if it continues, promises encouraging results. A good album to intuit good musicians, good ideas and especially good feelings.



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