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the bluescats feat tommie harris

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The Bluescats (Germany)
feat Tommie Harris
"Ride With Mule 5"
Time Zone Records TZ-1871 - 2019


The Bluescats:
Jens Filser - guitar
Bernd Oppel - drums
Till Brandt - bass

Tommie Harris - vocals
Ralf Grottian - harmonica
Michael Dierks - keyboar



01 Why I Sing the Blues 5:11
02 Ride with Mule 5 4:39

03 Luther's Blues 7:45
04 Take Your Time 5:23
05 Caledonia 5:03
06 BB King Story 2:34

07 The Thrill Is Gone 9:35
08 Got My Mojo Working 4:18

09 It's a Blues World 5:59
10 Night Time Is the Right Time 5:14
11 Who's Been Talking 7:04
12 Just a Little Bit 3:55

13 Georgia on My Mind 6:50


- Selected Songs - 7 Tracks -

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Jens Filser is a well-known and renowned guitarist of the German blues scene who is on his current musical project The Bluescats, a band he has been leading since 2017 and after the first album released the same year called "Snapshot" with the German harp player and singer Ralf Grottier, joined forces with singer and ex-drummer Tommie Harris, born in 1938 in the Alabama state but has been living in Germany for over fifty years, and deliver the album "Ride With Mule 5", recorded live last year in a splendid show and in a state of tremendous form of all the musicians involved. Till Brand and Bernd Oppel are also playing with Get The Cat, a great funk blues band with six albums released. Two interesting bands to follow closely.



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