Alan Vincent


Gary Santry


Jon Williams


Roger Keenan


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The Black and Blues Band (UK)
"A Lonely Road"
Self Released - 2020


01 Queen of Hearts 3:10
02 When the Blues Got a Hold on You 3:14
03 I Ride This Train 4:27
04 Black and Blue Loving You 4:12
05 Wrong Side of the Tracks 4:06
06 Cut and Run 2:56
07 If You're Looking For Love 5:49
08 Climb into the Bottle 4:07
09 King of Mistrust 2:58
10 I Can't Let Go 3:15

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Four-piece band fed by four veteran and experienced musicians with years of coexisting together on stage. Lovers of both the most essential guitar-rock of Jimi Hendrix, the blues-rock of Savoy Brown, the ryhthm'n'blues of the Stones and the purest blues of Chicago, stand out with a magnificent singer, a guitarist with a well-learned lesson and a plethoric rhythmic section on the beats, that debut with these 10 originals on the album "A Lonely Road", blues rock with no concession to the mainstream and full of energy and good vibes. It's not easy to find blues-rock bands as good as this one.


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