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tao ravao

african skin blues

Cover Tao Rvao & Vincent Bucher - Piment

Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher (Madagascar)
"Piment Bleu"
Buda Musique – 860363

Release date: January 22, 2021


Tao Ravao - valiha, kabosy,foot stomp, vocals
Vincent Bucher - harmonica, backing vocals

Tao Ravao - Piment Bleu
00:00 / 44:05


01 Agriolykos 4:50
02 Tell Me 3:39
03 Ranovelo 5:38
04 Piment bleu 3:17
05 Akoriabe 4:20
06 Madiba 5:38
07 Adama 4:14
08 Alahelo 3:21
09 Semelles de vent 2:29
10 Sankara 3:37

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P        R        E        V        I        O        U        S                  A        L        B        U        M        S               R        E        L        E        A        S        E        D

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Tao Ravao is a string polyinstrumentist born in Madagascar in 1956. Twelve years later he moved with the family to France where they established residence. After immersing himself in blues music with Homesick James as a mentor, who after meeting he accompanied him on a tour of several European countries. His step in the city of Chicago completed his initiation period in blues music and in 1988 he returned to Madagascar to immerse himself in the traditional music of the island and complete his affiliation with his roots, learning all the instruments of his culture and that he has been playing touring all over the world. His music is delta blues soaked in Malagay music with African roots, accompanied by harmonica players Thomas Laurent or Vincent Bucher. Another facet of his broad range has led him to perform theatrical presentations where he mixes his music with the participation of the Antananarivo-born poet and novelist Jean-Luc Raharimanana. Tao Ravao is a sculptor of the rhythms that blues music has always sought in its African roots.


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