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Tas Cru (USA)
"Drive On"
SubCat Records  - 2020

01 That Lovin' Thang 3:55
02 Money Talks 3:39
03 Drive On 5:27
04 Save Me 5:25
05 Cry No Nore 5:21
06 Kinda Mess 3:45
07 Shookie Shake 3:18
08 In This Moment 4:52
09 Memphis Blue 4:23
10 Devil in Your Heart 4:33

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Tas Cru - guitars, vocals
Gabe Stillman - slide guitar
Anthony Geraci - keyboards
Bob Purdy - bass(Tracks: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
Colin "Big Yellow Dog" Beatty - bass Ttracks: 1,9)
Andy Hearn - drums (Tracks: 1,3,5,7,8,9)
Cathy LaManna - drums (Track 2)
Sonny Rock - drums (Tracks 4,6)
Anthony Terry - sax
Ron Keck - persuddion
Cary Manse-Neal, Leanne MacRaye,

Mary Ann Casale - backing vocals 


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P  R  E  V  I  O  U  S        A  L  B  U  M  S

New York based, composer, guitarist and singer, Richard Bates - known as Tas Cru - is an eclectic bluseman by definition. His music both in solo-acoustic format and electric-band, wants to escape virtuosity to build songs where each phrase and each note have the same significance. Excellent guitarist and better songwriter, Tas Cru has recorded since 2008 nine essential albums to recognize in his music the oral tradition on which blues music has always been sustained, in fact Tas Cru has his own pedagogical initiative in various diffusion programs in schools and other entities. "Drive On" is a wonderful album that contains the knowledge and good practice of a consolidated contemporary bluesman.