Myra "Sugar" Glover - lead vocals
Velma "Spice" Glover - backing vocals

Mike Cripe - guitar

Larry W. - sax
Trevor S. - bass
Darell K.L. - drums
Cash - keyboards


01 Blues Gets into You 4:08
02 Mamma Sang the Blues 6:48
03 Grown up Woman 3:52
04 Caught Up 3:47
05 Good Lovin' 3:53
06 Out Here Looking 4:16
07 I'm Leaving You 5:40
08 Superhero 5:24
09 Take It Right Back 3:39
10 Take Me Home 3:55

Cover Sugar and Spice Revue Mama Sang th

Sugar and Spice Revue
"Mama Sang the Blues"
Self Released - 2019

sugar & spice revue 3.jpg
sugar & spice revue 2.jpg

Selected Songs

- 5 Tracks -

Myra "Sugar" and Velma "Spice" Glover are two sisters from Tampa, Florida, with the blues, gospel and soul music in her DNA. His good moment went through the 2017/18 IBC finals, from where their reputation has not stopped growing up, becoming more visible on the circuit stages, until the publication of this first album "Mama Sang The Blues", in which a solid and elegant band is uncovered and, above all,  two extremely vigorous and convincing female voices, soaked in an irresistible power of seduction. There is no doubt that this is already a unique and excellent debut album.



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