suba attila & the soulfool band

believing in music

01 First Song (3:30)
02 Pajama Mama (6:32)
03 Soul Food (4:44)
04 God Gave Me Love (5:30)
05 Happy Fool (3:00)
06 Shy Boy Strut (4:19)
07 Lovesterdam (4:27)
08 Freedom Boogie (4:54)
09 Hand In Hand (6:31)
10 One (4:35)
11 I Believe In Music I Believe In Love

(Live In Budapest) (9:39)

Suba Attila & The Soulfool Band (Hungary)
"I Believe In Music I Believe In Love"
Self Released - 2020

Attila Suba - vocal
Mate Hebenstreit - bass, keyboards
Mezőfi István - drums
Miroslav Naydenov - guitar
Szalóky Balázs - trumpet
Raboczki Balázs - sax
Szalóky Béla - trombone
Jász Andris - flute

Cover Soulfool Band & Suba AttilaI - Bel
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The Soulfool Band is the successful name chosen in 2013 by the young and talented singer Attila Suba, from Budapest (Hungary), to channel his fervent devotion to his southern soul heroes, names like Johnny Rawls and Bobby Bland, or jump swing killers like Louis Jordan or Johnny Otis. With this explosive mix, seasoned with a few drops of Louisiana swamp pop, he has designed a rhythm and groove recipe with a fast-paced flavor and great effectiveness for the most demanding dancers. This is his first album, cooked over low heat and with a spicy flavor that places him at the top of the new Rhythm'n'blues bands in Europe. It really doesn't disappoint.

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