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songhoy blues

desert     blues

Cover Songhoy Blues - Optimisme.jpg

Songhoy Blues (Mali)

Fat Possum Records FP-1755


Aliou Touré - GUITAR, vocals
Garba Touré - guitar
Oumar Touré - bass
Nathanael Dembélé- drums

Songhoy Blues - Optimisme
00:00 / 34:57


01.Badala 02:40
02.Assadja 02:52
03.Fey Fey 02:53
04.Gabi 02:51
05.Barre 03:43
06.Pour Toi 02:33
07.Bon Bon 03:12
08.Worry 03:05
09.Korfo 03:48
10.Dournia 03:35
11.Kouma 03:40
12.Worry 03:05

songhoy blues 2.jpg

P  R  E  V  I  O  U  S     A  L  B  U  M  S

songhoy blues 2015.jpg


songhoy blues 2017.jpg


songhoy blues 2019 EP.jpg

2019 (EP)

Internationally recognized as the most energic and eclectic electric pop band on the African continent today, Songhoy Blues joined forces in Bamako, the capital in southern Mali, after having to escape in 2012 from the civil war that ravaged the north of the country and proclaim  the sharia throughout the north of the African country. With a deep cultural tradition, this area of ​​the North African Sahel has a musical, transhumant and ancestral wealth, which is reflected in the band's music in an intrinsic and transcendent way. Their first album "Music In Exile", released in 2015, had a strong international impact both for its modern sound and for the protest content, which attracted the attention of both fans and the media worldwide. "Optimism" is their third album, produced by the american Fat Possum Records, as always, incorporating into his catalog those innovative and risky proposals directed to the most demanding and daring ears. It's desert blues.


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