Sir Asling & The T-Bone Orchestra

Roomful Of Swing


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Sir Jay & His Orchestra are a swing band from Malmö, Sweden, under the direction of guitarist, singer and songwriter Jorgen Asling (aka Sir Jay) founded in 2001. With three albums released, their proposal is a delicious mix of swinging and thrilling blues , with all the necessary ingredients to make us dance and jump all night long. The rhythm section, the keyboards as well as the horn section are a machine of incessant rhythm that will prevent the listener from standing still. The Asling's guitar is always in the right place, starting up the perfect gear that is this band. After a couple of auditions, I wouldn't know if they had a better time them playing  or myself listening to it, and this is already a guarantee.


01. Strollin' with Bone 02:19
02. T-Bone Boogie 03:30
03. I Walked Away 02:22
04. Flip, Flop and Fly 02:28
05. Cold, Cold Feeling 04:32
06. Search My Heart 02:04
07. Gee I Wish 02:51
08. Everything I Do is Wrong 04:28
09. The Hustle is On 02:42
10. Poodle Bites 01:59
11. A Long Way to Go 02:25
12. Don't Leave Me 03:14
13. Hardway 03?08
14. Let's Jump Tonight! 03:00


Jrgen Asling (aka Sir Jay) - Guitar, Vocal
Svempa Lundekvist - Hammond & Piano
Ulf Gransson - Drums
Micke Elofsson - Bass
Magnus Edring - Banjo, Dobro
Agnes Berg - Violin, Mandolin, Vocal

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Sir Asling & The T-Bone Orchestra (Sweden)
"Let's Jump Tonight!"
Melody Records - 2019