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Cover Selwyn Birchwood - Living In A Bur

Selwyn Birchwood  (USA)   - "Living In A Burning House" - Alligator Records - 2021


Selwyn Birchwood - guitars, vocals
Walter "Bunt" May - keyboards
Regi Oliver - sax, flute
Donald "Huff" Wright - bass
Philip "Squeak" Walker - drums
Diunna Greenleaf: vocals (Track 9)
Tom Hambridge - background vocals (Tracks 5,6), tambourine
CeCe Teneal - background vocals (Track 8)

Selwyn Birchwood - Living In A Burning House
00:00 / 50:11

Release date: January 29, 2021


01. I'd Climb Mountains 3:31
02. I Got Drunk, Laid And Stoned 3:32
03. Living in a Burning House 4:07
04. You Can’t Steal My Shine 3:54
05. Revelation 2:50
06. Searching For My Tribe 4:19
07. She’s a Dime 3:59
08. One More Time 4:31
09. Mama Knows Best 4:38
10. Freaks Come Out at Night 4:40
11. Through a Microphone 3:24
12. Rock Bottom 3:09
13. My Happy Place 3:43

Produced by Tom Hambridge

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P R E V I O U S  inspirations

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Not a newcomer but it's new blood for contemporary blues music. Born in Florida in 1985, Selwyn Birchwood has published with this ready-to-release "Living In A Burning House" three albums, all with the Chicago's Alligator Records label and all of them essential to illustrate how good the health of the blues is today with musicians like him. Guitarist who manifests himself a master in slide and lap-steel, singer and excellent composer, Birchwood launched his blues band in 2010, won the IBC edition in 2013 and a year later signed a contract with Alligator releasing his first album in 2014 being a sensation among media and fans which led him to win the award for best debut artist at the 2015 BMAs. In a short space of time Selwyn Birchwood has laid the foundations for a throne that will undoubtedly reach to him more sooner rather than later.


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