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Sahra Da Silva


Sahra da Silva (Denmark)
Woodrat Music - 2020

Cover Sahra Da Silva - #Blueswoman.jpg

Sahra Da Siva - vocals
Alain Apaloo - guitar 
Lars Emil Riis - piano 
Matthias Petri - bass 
Andreas Svendsen - drums 
Hendrik Jørgensen - trumpet 
Søren Høst - sax 
Søren Siegumfeldt - sax 
Sara Broberg - backing vocals 
Louise Høegh - backing vocals 

1.What Is On The Line 3:52
2.My Babe 2:57
3.I Wanna Love You 4:06
4.Blues Man 3:23
5.I Can't Be Your Lover 4:23
6.You're Too Young & I'm Too Wise 3:49
7.Honey, Please! 3:52
8.Fever 3:38
9.Bridge Over Troubled Water 5:12


Previous Releases

Sahra Da Silva & The Jagged Soul

sarah da silva 2012 EP.jpg

2012 - EP

sarah da silva 2013 EP.jpg

2013 - EP

sarah da silva 2014 LP.jpg


The Cornbread Project

sarah da silva 2.jpg


Sahra Da Silva - #Blueswoman
00:00 / 35:18

In the Danish blues scene for a decade, from Copenhagen, Sahra Da Silva is a singer who combines soul music, jazz and blues in an absolutely free way. Throughout these ten years, Da Silva has landed on different projects, always with special attention to leaving her mark and personal style in each one of them, a powerful vocal force accompanied by an interpretive lyricism that convinces the listener since the first attempt. With some rhythms close to funk, this album "Blueswoman" is a delight to listen to without inhibition or presumption, nice Simon & Garfunkel cover,  an evidence of the good musical health and the ability to imagine new ways of this young and intelligent Danish female singer.


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