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Selected Songs

- 6 Tracks -


01. Must Be Jelly (Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That) - 3:42
02. Goin' to Chicago - 4:03
03. Hard 4 tha Money - 4:34
04. Them Bluez - 4:36
05. Breakin' Up Our Happy Home - 7:10
06. Nothin' You Can Do About Love - 4:56
07. Natural Born Luvah - 3:24
08. Onions Ain't the Only Thing (That Will Make U Cry) - 3:26
09. Sam Joyner in tha Hause - 4:23
10. When U Need a Friend - 5:02

Sam Joyner
"When U Need a Friend"
Self Released - 2019

Cover Sam Joyner When U Need A
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Son of a rural preacher, Sam Joyner was born in Chicago and his musical heritage transits between the sounds of the windy city and New Orleans, and of course his own Mississippi roots. His proposal is as original as genuine, blues music drawn with the multicolored palette of a musician who is a dipositary of a deep cultural tradition of Afro-American music. Musically he provides an immeasurable vocal condition as well as a pianist with a creativity that allows him to circulate freely, creating both accompaniment melodies as sensible and natural solos. "When U Need A Friend" is Sam Joyner's first album and is a good one, recommended under any pretext.


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