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Rotten Belly Blues (USA) 
"Good for the Road"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Rotten Blly Blues - Good For The R

Rotten Belly Collective:

Kyle Morgan 
Matt Gochenhaur 
Amanda Mahaffey 
Alyssa Ball
Young Dann
Bobby Tilson
Isolda Marie
Matt Boyles
Larry Hayes
Garrett Gould
Ray Brooks


01 Wake Up Bailey 03:19
02 Swollen River 03:21
03 Special Song 03:33
04 Friends 02:46
05 Poor Man’s Song 02:35
06 What Matters 02:42
07 If I Don’t Die High 05:53
08 Deep 03:00
09 Time Gets Turned Around 03:45
10 Cut The Cake 02:33
11 Drinking Song 02:30
12 Where Heartache Reigns 02:57
13 Rotting Away 02:55
14 90 Days 03:13

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Rotten Belly Blues is a Folk Country oriented music collective of musicians but they cannot hide their attachment to blues music. This is an album basically of wonderful songs, almost poetic, performed from the deep sincerity of his alma mater, newyorker Kyle Morgan, who sings with deep simplicity and tender beauty. The music is beautiful and flows in an orderly and consistent way, allowing to obtain a perfect harmony that surprises the listener note after note. From the Irish heritage of "Drinking Song", the evocative country of Gram Parsons on "Poor Man's Song", the unmasked blues of "Wake Up Bailey", to the devilish rock'n'roll of "Rotten Away", Rottem Belly Blues have made this album a journey that illustrates the renewed pop music of the 21st century.

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