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jazzy dubs 1.jpg

jazzy dubs

(bunny at the village )

Roger Santaeugènia -  piano

Cristian Riaño -  guitar
Roger Villanueva -  drums
Kike Zudaire -  bass

Roger Santaeugènia Quartet (spain)
"Jazzy Dubs"
The Same Song Records - 2020

1 - The Journey 05:22
2 - Jazzy Dub 04:24
3 - Interlude 01:27
4 - Memories 03:54
5 - Waves 03:53

jazzy dubs 2.jpg

Release date: october 20, 2020


Quartet of young musicians from Barcelona (Spainled by the pianist, composer and producer Roger Santaugenia who with this their first EP show how universal the music can be. As if any rainy day Bunny Wailer and Thelonious Monk melted their art at the Village Vanguard, claiming that fusion has no limits and the ability to create music has no stylistic boundaries. Bop and Reggae with a lot of good ideas and without prejudice. It may be true ?



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