This kind of sweet elegance

01 Anything You Want 3:52
02 Burying Ground 2:58
03 You're the One 2:49
04 This Man 5:06
05 You'll Want Me Back 3:58
06 Hot 3:44
07 Promises You Can't Keep 5:55
08 To Be with You 2:54
09 My Baby Likes to Boogaloo 3:50
10 Can't Make Me Change 5:04
11 A Little Less Lonely 4:19
12 Do It 3:25

Robert Cray - guitar, vocals
Richard Cousins - bass
Dover Weinberg - keyboards
Terence F. Clark - drums
Steve Jordan - drums, percussion

robert cray 4.png

Robert Cray Band
"That's What I Heard"
Nozzle Records/Thirty Tigers - 2020

Produced by Steve Jordan

Cover Robert Cray - That's What I Heard.


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Since the 1980 first album "Who's Been Talking" that surprised any blues fan who was attentive at that time, forty years have been left behind. This first album was succeeded by a trilogy - "Bad Influence (1983)," False Accusations "(1985) and" Strong Persuader (1985) - what decided which was one of the ways that blues music could also been innovate, while converting Robert Cray in the new, more transcendent and promising young bluesman of that decade. To the release of his last album "That's What I Heard", he has received all the awards and honors granted by the music industry of the planet, recognizing in Robert Cray a living legend of the American musical culture. His current status is evident in this album, always together with his friend and colleague from the beginning, the bass guitar master Richard Cousins, ​​and this time produced for the also multi award winner Steve Jordan, has recorded one of the best of his career, splendid songs, exquisite singing and the Stratocaster putting things in their right place. Congratulations on this wonderful blues album.


"Showdown - 1985"