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bringing joy to the soul 

RJ Starr & The Brooklyn Blues Band (usa)
"One Damn Yankee (Luv’n Life in Missipee)"
Self Released - 2020


RJ Starr - guitar, vocals
Bill Lewis - drums 
Mike Lee - bass 
Keith Boutwell - harmonica
Bobby Conner - Sax
James Bell - Keyboards
Stephanie Luckett - backing vocals



One Damn Yankee (2:39)
Shakin’ It All Around (2:19)
Emily In The Morning (2:49)
Hole In The Bucket (2:22)
Hey Donna (3:00)
Sweet Potato Man (3:10)
Tight Pink Sweater (2:58)
Take Me Home Tonight (3:04)
2-Lane Blues (2:50)
Bobby Gonna Sing The Blues (2:24)

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.Playing guitar since the late 1970s, 1961 born New Yorker RJ Starr (Robert James) formed The Brooklyn Blues Band in 2017 and this is his third album. With a very competent band behind him, "One Damn Yankee (Luv'n Life in Missipee)" is presented as an excellent opportunity to meet these musicians playing together, where RJ Starr stands out as a versatile guitar player as well as an excellent frontman. The music on this album is above all restorative, it brings joy to the soul and makes your feet move, rock'n'roll, blues and rhythm & blues well aligned make your listening an unexpected moment of fun and commitment to good music played by good musicians.