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Reynhard H. Boegl (Austria)
Self Released - 2020


Reynhard H. Boegl - harmonica, guitar, vocal

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01. Here to Stay
02. Stop
03. Suddenly
04. Great Without You
05. I'm Not the One
06. Not Enough for You
07. Bulls Eye
08. I Want You to Come Back
09. Tried and True
10. Please Leave Me

From Austria, Reynhard H. Boegl is a stylist, virtuoso and disseminator of blues harmonica in his country. With the roots in rock music, blues is his most personal and intimate form of expression, accompanied only by a three-string electric guitar and vocals, Boegl vindicates the deep syncopated rhythm and the austere and direct sound of Jr Kimbrough and RL Burnside melodies from the hills of northern Mississippi. "Bluesrootsrock" are ten hidden songs that timidly see the light through a musician as natural and sincere as loyal to his backgroud. This is a committed album.


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