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A triple anthological CD released in 2016 titled "Ilogical Optimism", put Reverend Freakchild's eclecticism at the top of his musical creativity. Born in Hawaii, composer, guitarist, harmonica player and singer, he's by himself an extensive catalog of sound realities conceived from the intimacy of his musical ego, in which he develops the ideas that have shaped him as an underground artist full of lucidity and beauty. In his latest album "Bodhisattva Blues" he resorts to the Grateful Dead universe to insist on the psychedelia of a musical era that he claims without hesitation, transcending rock'n'roll, blues, country music, gospel and all the music that has accompanied throughout his life. When you meet him, it will make your knowledge more critical and complete and enjoy his music in all its greatness

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Reverend Freakchild
"The Bodhisattva Blues"
Treated & Released Records - 2020

Cover Reverend Freakchild - The Bodhisat


Reverend Freakchild - guitar, vocals
Melvin Seals - Organ
Mark Karan guitar
Chris Parker drums
Hugh Pool - harmonica
Robin Sylvester - bass
Jason Hann - percussion
A.J. Fullerton - guitar
Jay Collins - flute


01 Om Mani Padme Hum (0:09)
02 I Can't Be Satisfied (4:45)
03 Big Boss Man (4:15)
04 Little Red Rooster (4:29)
05 Friend of the Devil (5:20)
06 I Know You Rider (3:21)
07 Black Peter (6:31)
08 Yer Blues (W / Melvin Seals) (6:04)
09 Imagine (3:16)
10 Sweet Sweet You (5:03)
11 Death Don't Have No Mercy (4:52)
12 And We Bid You Goodnight (1:19)


Complete Discography

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