quinn deveaux


Quinn DeVeaux - vocals, guitar
Jeff Ratner - bass
Drums – Jimmy Lester - drums
Jon Estes - guitar
Jim Greer - organ
Micah Hulscher - keyboards
Peter Keys - keyboards
Tyler Summers - sax
Oscar Utterstrom - trombone
Vinnie Ciesielski - trumpet
Ahsati-Nu, Alexis Saski, Laura Mayo - backing vocals



01 Been Too Long 3:15
02 All I Need 2:57
03 Come On Home 3:34
04 Take Me Home 3:22
05 Think About You 3:42
06 Gimme Your Love 3:42
07 Walk And Talk 2:57
08 Take Me To Glory 2:29
09 Good Times Roll 3:49
10 Trouble 4:18
11 Home At Last 4:19
12 Stay The Night 3:57

soul reading

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Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Revue (USA)
"Book Of Soul"
QDV Records - 2020


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2018 - EP

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This is the best and most original soul music album I have heard in a long time. Born in Gary (Indiana) and based in Nashville (TN), Quinn Deveaux takes rhuthm & blues through his soul to another level unknown until now. There is no secret, his tenor voice is revealed with authentic passion, Sam Cooke hidden behind each lament, his gospel tradition catches him in every song and goes further with the truth and the claim to return people the popular musicthat  it belongs. Quinn Deveaux is a cry for freedom in the times we are living, when injustice hangs over the men and women of their race, when it's more necessary than ever that the voices sound so loud that it's impossible not to hear them. "Book Of Soul" gathers all these feelings as a masterpiece of contemporary soul music.