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Cover Othman Wahabi - The Blues Whispere

Othman Wahabi (Morocco)
"The Blues Whisperer"

Saidari Records – 195448885279



01 Babylon's Falling 4:24
02 Fattening Frogs for Snakes 4:43
03 Taking the Blues Back Home 5:16
04 The Blues Whisperer 4:13
05 The Last Prophet 4:15
06 Almamy Samory Toure 3:05
07 Nobody's Fault but Mine 3:10
08 Telephone the Boss 2:48
09 Down by the Riverside 3:06
10 Sky Is Crying 4:37

Cover Othman Wahabi - Casablanca Blues.j

Casablanca Blues feat Casablanca Kid
SINGLE -  February 2021

00:00 / 07:02

Release date: January 15, 2021

Othman Wahabi - The Blues Whisperer
00:00 / 39:40
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C      O      M      P      L      E      T      E                        A      L      B      U      M      S                      R      E      L      E      A      S      E      s

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One of the most interesting musicians who have woken me up lately and the most lucid and committed album that has uncovered my ears in a long time. Othman Wahabi, born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1983 and established in Canada since 2005, is a multi-talented musician and composer who puts his artistic creativity ahead with the aim of arguing his musical background, this is blues music, with the freshness and modernity that his talent feeds. His abilities allow him to play all the instruments he needs to provide his compositions with the electrical and electronic elements that make up a proposal that goes beyond the simple performer of songs. It's the blues of Charlie Patton in hands of an innovative musician who respects the roots and places them in the time that he has to live, away from revisionisms that long for the past and approaching the modernization that blues music needs to survive in times of globalization . Othman Wahabi is a guy who has enough ideas to continue speculating about the present and the future of this music. This is his tenth album and you would do well to let yourself be seduced by his imagination.


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