Nuno Mindelis

da bahia com o blues

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Nuno Mindelis (Brazil)
"Angola Blues"
Self Released - 2020

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Nuno Mindelis – guitar, vocals
Marcos Klis – bass, background Vocals
Dhieego Andrade – drums, background Vocals
Alex Bessa - keyboards
Ilker Ezaki - percussion
Jessica Areias - vocals (Track 4)
Airto Moreira - percussion (Tracks 1,3,5)
Flora Purim - vocals (Track 5)


01 Birim Birim 5:49
02 Mudiakime 4:28
03 Brinca N'areia 5:19
04 Cabinda 4:32
05 Muxima 5:32
06 Monami Zeca 4:45
07 Mona Ki Ngi Xica 5:50
08 Tuala Ni Ji Henda 3:54
09 Pais Tropical 6:35


Born in the town of Cabinda (Angola) in 1957, Nuno Mindelis arrived in Brazil in 1976, fleeing from the war and political conflicts in the country, where he was able to start a musical career as a blues musician that has led him to be the blues guitarist and songwriter more consolidated in the land of the samba and bossa nova. His style is steeped in those South American country  unique and unmistakable styles, taking his blues to unexplored corners as innovative as attractive. "Angola Blues" is his eleventh album in which the brazilian rhythms mix with the 12 bars with a character that enriches his music in a exciting and catchy  way. Hot rhythms, percussions, guitars and "Pais Tropical" so that the party never stops.