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Nora Jean Wallace

The comeback of the princess

01. Martell
02. I Can’t Stop
03. I’m a Blues Woman
04. Evidence
05. Victim
06. Rag and Bucket
07. Look over Yonder
08. I’ve Been Watching You
09. Dance with Me
10. I Don’t Have to Beg You to Love Me

Nora Jean Bruso Albums

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Cover Nora Jean Wallace - Blueswoman.jpg

Nora Jean Wallace (USA)
Severn Records - 2020

severn 02 transparent.png

Nora Jean Wallace - vocals
Johnny Moeller - guitar (All except Track 5)
Kevin Anker - organ
Steve Gomes - bass
Robb Stupka - drums
David Earl - guitar (Tracks 2,5,8,10)
Steve Guyger - harmonica 
Kim Wilson - harmonica (Track 6)
Stanley Banks - keyboards

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Jimmy Dawkins
Nora Jean Bruso
"Kant Sheck Dees Bluze"
Earwig Music  - 1991

nora jean wallace dawkins 1991.jpg
A Love Like That
My Man Loves Me

                     Born in 1956 in Greenwood (MS), daughter of a blues
           performer and a gospel singer, Nora Jean Wallace has had, since her
    arrival on the Chicago west side in the early eighties, an uneven and inter
  mittent professional career. But it certainly she belongs to a generation of singers
like Valerie Wellington or Big Time Sarah who have been essential to electric blues music in the windy city. As Nora Jean Bruso (then her husband's name), she toured stages around the world and recorded two fundamental albums at the beginning of the   2000s. Now she's reborn with her real name with the album "Blueswoman", an          event for those who have missed her all this time and have considered her one of
       the most authentic voices of contemporary blues music. We have been in luck.


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