Cover Nico Duportal & The Sparks - Dog S

Nico Duportal & The Sparks (France)
"Dog Saint And Sinner"
Self Released - 2019


Nico Duportal - guitar,vocals

Olivier Cantrelle - keyboards
Pascal Mucci - drums
Antoine Pozzo Di Borgo - bass

Nico Duportal


The Sparks

- French Guitar Hero -


01 Sweet Brown Eyed Woman 3:07
02 My Promised Land 4:02

03 Time Is the Money of Love 3:54
04 With My Bare Hands 3:37

05 Heartbroken Teenager's Idol 3:59
06 Lost in Her Game 2:57
07 Isn't It Wrong 4:16
08 Keep on Keepin' On 3:32

09 No Change 3:06
10 No Hate, Just Pain 3:18
11 A Good Man 3:50

12 Just a Rolling Man 4:19

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Blues guitar hero in France, Nico Duportal is an extraordinary talented musician and songwriter from Paris (France) who after his beginnings playing in punk bands in the suburb clubs, completed his training discovering american roots music among the father's vinyl records at home, being totally hooked on blues, rhythm'n'blues and soul music. In 2009 he released his first album as The Rhythm Dudes and began a career that has taken him on a tour throughout Europe, play in Australia as well as participating in several projects made in the United States invited by colleagues like Junior Watson or Mitch Woods. With the Dudes, Duportal has recorded five albums, the last one in 2016, and this recently released "Dog, Saint & Sinner" is his first attempt with the new band called The Sparks, an impeccable machine to support the guitarist who is at his best as much as a performer as composer. Nico Duportal is one of the best blues guitarists in Europe today.

N I C O   D U P O R T A L  &   H I S   R H Y T H M    D U D E S 

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