The thrill flew over Buenos Aires

Cover Nasta Super - Jammin' Wiyh Lurrie
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Nasta Super (Argentina)
"Jammin' With Lurrie Bell"
Epsa Music - 2020


Lurrien Bell : vocals and lead guitar
Rafael Nasta - lead and rhythm guitar
Gabriel Cabiaglia - drums
Maure Ceriello - bass
Gustavo Doreste - keyboards


01 Every Day I've The Blues 7:07
02 Messing With The Kid 4:03
03 Reconsider Baby 7:53
04 Doodlin 7:20
05 It Ain't Right 5:53
06 Spider In My Stew 7:20
07 Tavo's Stomp 4:54
08 Blues After Hours 6:34
09 I Need You So Bad 6:20
10 The Sky Is Crying 11:28
11 Cat Shuffle 5:06


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P      R      E      V      I      O      U      S             A      L      B      U      M      S

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Behind Nasta Super, band formed in the early 90's in Buenos Aires (Argentina), appears the name of Fafael Nasta, accomplished blues guitarist with more than thirty years of musical career and eight albums in the way, consolidated without a doubt as the  best blues guitar player in his country. Returning to Argentina after spending a few months on the west coast of the States playing in clubs and especially learning from local musicians, Rafael Nasta soaked with all the assimilated music, consolidated his reputation as a guitarist culminating all this journey in "Romaphonic Session" (2017) an album recorded next to guitarist Chris Cain and followed all together by a tour in Argentina. After that successful experience, Nasta Super repeats with the legend of the Chicago blues, guitarist Lurrie Bell, on the album "Jammin With Lurrie Bell", a masterpiece for lovers of classic Chicago blues without any concessions.